Designer profile


Born in 1981 in Parma, city known for its cultural tradition, Maria Lamanna grows with “the beauty in her eyes”. Attracted by many aesthetic forms, later becoming one of her sources of inspiration, she studies History of Modern Art. To her innate passion for arts, architecture and design, also cultivated thanks to her parents, both architects, must be added her passion for travelling, intended as an opportunity of cultural growth. The soundtrack of the “Maria Lamanna’s journey” is rock, soul and blues, music full of history and meaning: innovation, revolution and passion. Key elements of the brand Maria Lamanna.

The construction techniques, the research of materials, as well as the fascinating evolution process of the fashion business, provide her with the right motivation to create the brand Maria Lamanna. The styles are born from the imagination of the designer, whom in 2012 returns to Italy after a long time abroad experience as a business-to-business meeting organizer for the Italian Chamber of Commerce. An Italy that offers the opportunity to produce excellent quality bags, in fact the PH Junior model is awarded in June 2013 as Best Overall Style and Design handbag at the Seventh Annual Independent Handbag Designer Awards in New York.

Maria Lamanna