Maria Lamanna’s bags are little leather masterpieces born from the creative spirit of the young designer and crafted by the expert hands of artisans utilizing the finest quality leather.

The young designer chose to give her namesake to the brand, which was also founded in her hometown of Parma, a city steeped in the leather goods tradition. The production of her pieces are entrusted to a company in Mantua, which has worked in this sector for more than 40 years and guarantees the impeccability of its products through its many years of experience.

Despite the simplicity of the forms, the creation of each bag requires several hours of work that are divided over several different steps.

The first steps involves cutting and finishing the “hides,” which are then tinted rigorously by hand, this is subsequently followed by the assembly stage, a process that requires extreme precision.

The precise cut and the dyed hides are the defining characteristics of the manufacturing process, which is entrusted to expert craftsmen who work entirely by hand.

Maria Lamanna’s bags are made from hides that come exclusively from Italian tanneries, which are cut, processed, sewed and assembled by hand. Only the maxi nappa is cut with a punching device so as not to compromise the accuracy of each individual fringe. In order to emphasize the bag’s craftsmanship and its Italian production, the young designer chose to work principally with leather combining it with other materials such as ayers, a rolled out snakeskin that is also laminated.

Maria Lamanna’s bags are unique items that draw inspiration from the sentiments and the everyday life of the young designer.

The name of each bag is also unique: Selva pays homage to Montello, a town where her husband comes from, Mini Romeo is inspired by the film Aristocats, a movie loved by her son, Blues, celebrates blues music and in particular Billie Holiday, Papoose, which means Indian child of North America, was named after a road trip she participated in while visiting the United States.