Purchasing an item on is quick and easy! Whether you are in the office, browsing your phone whilst on the metro or even better still, while you are enjoying some relax time whilst comfortably seated on your couch, the online store, opened 24 hours a day, allows you to shop via a simple click of the mouse.

Browse our online catalogue, select the products you want and simply click on the purchase button displayed on every product: if you have already registered an account on our online store, you will be taken straight away to the payment page and guided during the entire purchasing process. In the latter case, you will be asked some simple information in order to create your account before completing your purchase.


Purchasing on is easy and secure. Customers can avail of four different payment methods:

1.) credit card

2.) paypal

3.) bank transfer

4.) cash on delivery (Only for Italy)

The sum will not be charged to your account until your order is ready to be shipped. The charge will be made in the same currency as the price shown on the website. We guarantee the complete security of all transactions and also, all of your details saved on your account.


WHY BUY ONLINE is the only official online store where you can buy and order the bags from the young stylist and receive them directly to your home. On our store, you can avail of the full range of bags where you can immediately purchase or order them.

The privacy of your payment details is our top priority: we want to make sure that your details are secure before, during and after you have carried out your online transactions: this is why we employ impeccable anti-fraud systems and dedicated staff to monitor this aspect. By purchasing on the Maria Lamanna website, you have the assurance of buying directly from one of your favourite brands while also shopping conveniently from home in your free time. You will also enjoy the added bonus of receiving your purchases in a short time and in any location that you would like.

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